Our Story

Hey there, Joshua here 🙋🏻‍♂️

Welcome to Gifted Mamas

A little disclaimer: We aren't your everyday basic e-commerce brand.

As a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses I was always intrigued by problem solving and that is how I got into this industry. Having a team filled with mostly parents bought me closer to understanding how their life outside of the office, at home is and that inspired me to work towards helping parents not only take care of the wellbeing of their baby but at the same time take care of themselves as well.

The safety and wellbeing of the baby and the mother is the driving force behind Gifted Mamas because not only do we understand how precious the baby is to a family but we believe the health & wellbeing of the mother is equally important as well and that is the goal with each of our products.

Gifted Mamas

Joshua Hupe

Founder - CEO